Rediscovering You Are God – Study Companion Course

This Book Study Companion is a collection of 9 Video Modules from Dr. Björn for Each Chapter of the book "Rediscovering You Are God" and Accompanying a 43-page Workbook.
As a treasured reader, you may have already finished my book Rediscovering You Are God, or perhaps you’re just embarking on this transformative journey.
Regardless, imagine a companion who ensures not only that you complete the book and recall its teachings but also supports you to profoundly embody and integrate these lessons. Imagine these insights seeping into your life, sparking profound, enduring change. Isn’t such a possibility worth exploring?
What exactly does it encompass?
The book you already have will undoubtedly shift your understanding of reality, paving the way toward the revelation that You are God. But with our Study Companion, we aim to amplify this transformation much, much further.
This course doesn’t just support you in grasping your divine essence but, through a series of insightful video modules and a carefully curated workbook, it teaches you how to truly EMBODY your godliness, allowing it to permeate every aspect of your being.
Trust me, this could be the catalyst you’ve been seeking to inspire tremendous growth in your life. 
Here’s to your journey towards self-discovery!

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  • 10 Lessons