Rediscovering You Are God – Deep Dive Course


By enrolling in this online course you have made a firm commitment to yourself to embrace growth and transformation. The power of this intention is found in both your inner world and as we will learn when we explore the Mirror Reality, very much in the outer world too.

So, right now, without even watching the first lesson your process of transformation has begun.

Please read each chapter in the book first, and then engage with the video or audio content corresponding to that chapter.

Feel free to listen/watch and relisten/rewatch as often as you like – on the one hand, you might receive deeper insights, and on the other hand, the videos and audio have a vibration that works with your body and your cells in order to allow you to rediscover you are God more and more.

I am but your guide on this journey, no more. This journey is yours to take, if you share my dedication to transformation then what you discover in these lessons will change your life, and the lives of those people closest to you, forevermore.

I hope you enjoy the adventure!


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  • 12 Lessons