This is really a great book! If everyone were able to read this book and take it to heart, there would be no problems in the world. I am loving this book. I highly recommend it.

Roz Brooks, Executive Director at Anita Moorjani

Are You Ready To Rediscover
You Are God?

After embarking on a journey of relentless exploration and introspection, I have finally uncovered a treasure trove of knowledge, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. For six long years, I ventured into uncharted territories, pushed the boundaries of understanding, and delved deeper than anyone before me. And now, I stand before you, eager to share my discoveries and invite you to join me on this thrilling expedition. Are you ready to join me in uncovering the secrets of the unknown?

Begine Your Divine Yourney Now

Join The Wave of Human Awakening

What lies ahead for you is perhaps the most important and profound journey you will ever take, because it is a journey beneath the noise, beneath the superficial reality which entangles and consumes most of humanity. 

Will I see you on the other side?

Dear Spiritual Seeker, Explorer of Life

My name is Dr. Björn Lenz, and in this book, I’d like to show you what is possible if you are open and ready to remember – that you are God. 

As a mathematician, I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of randomness. But as I delved deeper into my Ph.D. research in probability theory, something extraordinary happened – I discovered that randomness is nothing more than an illusion.

I was hooked. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and knew I had to uncover the truth behind this deception. So I dove deeper into the mysteries of the universe and was rewarded with a revelation so profound it took my breath away.

I found that behind every apparent randomness, there was a hidden pattern, a beautiful order that tied everything together. 

And I realized this is the key to understanding the universe and our place in it.

In this book, I’m excited to share my journey and the breakthrough findings I’ve uncovered. But more than that, I will show you how to use this knowledge to live a more fulfilling life.

I promise you’re in for an incredible ride. Once you open this book, your perspective will shift, and nothing will ever be the same. You’re about to discover something that will change the way you see the world and your place in it. 

Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Book

Welcome to a glimpse of the first few pages of my book, a prelude to your journey of self-discovery and divine realization within its 140 pages. I have poured my insights and experiences into each page, intending to guide you step by step towards higher awareness and spiritual awakening. 

And – the journey doesn’t end with the last page; I will continue to guide you, delivering the transformational tools mentioned in the book through nurturing emails and insightful webinars.

But, please remember, my guidance can only shine a light on the path in front of you, it is then up to you whether it is a path you wish to walk.

I will be honored to be your guide, but ultimately only you can choose to take on this adventure.

This is what I’m here to do.

What The Book Readers Are Saying

If you are a true seeker of the truth, if you are ready to let go of limiting beliefs, judgments, and projections and choose love over fear, this material could be one of the most essential gifts you brought to yourself, and it surely didn’t happen by coincidence. Good luck!

Damir Mujic

Entrepreneur and Author

This book can help you go deep inside and change what has held you back if you choose to. I can say that the space that has been created and the healing you receive is beyond words. I can’t recommend this book enough to those who would like to create a great change in themselves.

Parisa Fardad

School Teacher

What a beautiful, delicious, gentle book. The essence of authenticity is so clear as Bjorn uses personal and day-to-day situations to which we can all relate. Read with no prejudice or expectations – and a pleasant surprise is forthcoming. Thank you for sharing your work Mr. Lenz.

Gill Back

PR Strategist

Is This Book Really For You?

Seven years ago, if I had been presented with this question, I would have been skeptical, dismissing it as impossible and unrealistic. But now, I stand before you, having unlocked a mystical understanding of life that I wish to share with all.

For those who allow their curiosity to guide them, I assure you, the realization of your own divinity is within reach. And just as I have, you too can transcend frustration and suffering, and embrace fulfillment and joy.

Get Your Book Now!

This book exists as a beacon, illuminating the path towards rediscovering your true self as God. To determine if this journey is meant for you, consider these three questions:

  1. Are you a human being?
  2. Do you yearn for fulfillment over frustration?
  3. Do you seek joy over suffering?

If you answered yes to all of these, then this book is your key to unlocking the greatest mystery of all – the truth of your own divinity.

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